Above: CVD coater head entering Float bath on glass line

Below: CVD Reactors


We are recognised leaders in the field of AP (atmospheric pressure) CVD. We offer a vertically integrated capability from research through product and process feasibility, prototyping and design and commissioning of the full production process.

We work across many application areas and collaborate widely with leading groups and companies. Well over 80% of the company business is outside UK, with the rest of Europe currently the largest, but the Far East is expected to take first position, in the near future.

Via strategic partnerships we are able to offer a wide range of technology solutions for customers. (e.g. In Float Glass Technology area we have a partnership with Stewart Engineering of USA)

Along with our partners, CVD Technologies has recently announced a number of major turnkey CVD coating line orders in China

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your coating needs and how we might work together.

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