Above: Coated metal

Below: Metal sheet coated in middle uncoated above/below

Anti-Corrosion Coatings

CVD is an attractive route to depositing films to achieve barrier and anti-corrosion properties. The technique is capable of a high degree of conformality, dense films, and good adhesion.

Furthermore, thin films are often only required to be relatively thin which minimises visual appearance impacts, reduces costs, and makes coating compatible with high throughputs.

Furthermore, CVD is the only approach which has been approved for use on external surfaces (where 20 year life is required). CVD thus is capable of producing highly durable surfaces.

CVD is also well proven as a high throughput continuous operating process, which is attractive for applications such as coating metals. In this regard it can even be considered for integration "on-line" with the manufacturing process.

For this application area FACVD can be an attractive alternative to thermal CVD. The flame process is easily integrated and produced hard films. We have demonstrated a wide range of films including silica, which is particularly attractive for anti-corrosion use.