Above: Optical properties Low-E

Below: Optical properties Sun-E

Energy Efficient Coatings

CVD is capable of producing high performance energy efficiency films. Such films are employed in window glazing as:

  • Low E films where they enhance insulation properties of the glazing unit (via infra red reflection properties retaining IR energy within the building
  • Solar Control: where sunlight energy is reflected and/or absorbed before entering the building.

CVD is an attractive route to depositing such films. It is capable of high optical quality required for windows. The process also allows for a wide range of optical properties, which allow adaption of surface performance to application need.

Furthermore, CVD is the only approach which has been approved for use on external window surfaces. (where 20 year life is required). CVD thus is capable of producing highly durable photo-active surfaces.

CVD is also well proven as a high throughput continuous operating process, which is attractive for applications such as coating glass. In this regard it can be integrated "on-line" with the Float glass manufacturing process.