Above: CVD coater head entering Float bath on glass line

Below:Shanghai Industry Park: using China Yaohua's Sunlite CVD coated glass

Float Glass

Technology approaches used include thermal CVD and Flame assisted CVD

The potential product list includes: 1. Low E films where they enhance insulation properties of the glazing unit (via infra red reflection properties retaining IR energy within the building 2. Solar Control: where sunlight energy is reflected and/or absorbed before entering the building. 3. Self Clean (or easy clean) photo-catalytic films 4. Anti-reflection. 5. Heatable 6. Photo-Voltaics

CVD is an attractive route to depositing such films. It is capable of high optical quality required for windows and many large area glass based applications. . The process also allows for a wide range of optical properties, which has potential to customise the properties for specific applications. Crucially, the cost benefits are significant and compare very favourably to competitor technologies at appropriate high throughput levels.

In collaboration with our partner Stewart Engineers, we offer a turnkey system for float line integration. The partnership has now installed and won orders for a number of float lines and can offer a proven high performance systems customised to customers needs