Above: Plasma reactor

Below: Multi-point, in-situ monitoring of Industrial CVD process

Process & Product Development

CVD Technologies is very well equipped to support customer product and process development.

Frequently we are approached by companies with product ideas which may benefit from AP CVD technology. We are asked to support evaluation of the feasibility of such ideas. Given our extensive laboratory facilities, access to a wide range of state of the art analysis equipment, and long experience in CVD and Industrial exploitation of CVD, we are able to accelerate the process and improve the assessment quality and value.

CVD Technologies primary business strategy is to support customers in exploiting APCVD technology within their own markets. CVD Technologies is take such support to the stage of design, cost and supply Industrial scale CVD equipment, if required, or to license it's technology for exploitation.

We have more than 100years combined APCVD experience within our team and a significant % of this in working across many industrial applications.