Above:Photocatalytic mechanism

Below: Low-E coated windows

Self Cleaning Coatings

CVD is an attractive route to depositing Photo-catalytic films. APCVD is capable of a high degree of structural control (crystallinity and the ratio of anatase to rutile) which are crucial for high performance photoactivity.

Furthermore, CVD is the only approach which has been approved for use on external window surfaces. (where 20 year life is required). CVD thus is capable of producing highly durable photo-active surfaces.

Such films are well adapted for self clean or easy clean surfaces where daylight activates the film and changes firstly its hydrophilicity (which makes cleaning or even rainwater activated rinsing facile) and then photo-decomposes the organic contamination on the surface which adheres most dirt.

The result is a surface which is either easy clean or "self-cleaned" with rainwater.